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How to Overcome Fear

How to Overcome Fear


I was up in LA on a 5 day business trip recently and had an opportunity to hang out with some of the most influential leaders in the world like Designer from Gucci and Prada Coxy Chiara Rodoni, Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author Robert Kiyosaki, Business Mogul Bill Walsh and so much more.


They each shared a wisdom and insight that is invaluable not just for entrepreneurs but frankly relevant to us “Moms” too!  It has inspired me to share with you.


The topic of “Fear” came up quite a bit.


Fear of failing…

Fear of not being good enough…

Fear of not succeeding…

Fear of being criticized….


I found this to be so relevant for us Moms as at times we struggle with


Fear of not being a good Mom….

Fear of not having enough time…

Fear of losing our identity….

Fear of self-doubt and self-confidence…


This conversation took me back to early days when I decided to leave my corporate career of 18 years to do what I do now.  Serving Moms.


Fear of self-doubt and judgement were at its highest…you know that whole conversation in your head about “what if I don’t succeed??”


Often times, I wonder what my life would look like today if I allowed my fear or self-doubt hold me back from going after my dreams.


What I do know for sure is that when it comes to fear the only way to deal with fear is to “Just Do it!”


Easiest way to control fear is to jump right in.  Don’t let your mind chatter give you 20 reasons why not to do something.  Instead ask yourself “why not me?  Why not now?


You will never know the answer to your doubt and fear if you don’t push through it and get to the other side.


If you have a fear of failing…Fail Fast! …and move on.


The truth is, we learn best from our mistakes.  We need to celebrate our failure and recognize each time we fail we are that much closer to success.


So dive right in and don’t worry about it being perfect.  Get through it, learn from it and move on.


Whatever is holding you back “Just Dive In” and watch fear disappear.


I hope this inspires you in some way.


Now I’d love to hear from you.  How is fear showing up in your life?  How is it holding you back?  What is your go to method to kick Fears Boo-tey?


Remember, thousands of Mom’s come here each week looking for that golden nugget, inspiration and encouragement to make their Motherhood journey a bit smoother.  Your insight could be exactly what they need to hear right now that will make a difference.


Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below.


Thank you in advance for reading, commenting and sharing.  You help my mission to create “Sisterhood for Mommies” come to life!


Share the knowledge…Share the love…






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