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80 Ways to Enjoy “Mommy Me Time”

Need ideas for Mommy Me Time?  How about 80 Ways to Enjoy “Mommy Me-Time”


Mommy Me time


I am a HUGE advocate of Mommy Me Time.


I believe in my core Mommy Me Time is not only a necessity but an absolute MUST and should be part of your daily routine.


Every Mom is a super hero!


YOU were hand-picked by higher power to be your child’s Mom (a.k.a. Guardian Angel).  You are exactly who he/she needs to guide them through life.


With this big role comes a big responsibility to take care of yourself so in return you can be the super star you were meant to be in your most important role as a Mom.


One thing I know for sure is that everything points to Self-care!  Without self-care it’s impossible to be healthy – mentally, physically and emotionally.


If you are not healthy mentally, emotionally and physically everyone around you will suffer.


Without proper mental health, we lack patience.  For parents patience is a mandatory requirement.

Think about the last time you lost your patience and snapped at your kids.  The chances are you were exhausted, tired, burned out and most likely skipped a meal or two.  All of which effects your ability to manage stress, your mood and your interaction with those around you.


Commit to giving yourself 15-30 min a day towards doing something just for YOU!


To help you kick things off here is a list of 80 things you can do for yourself for your Mommy Me Time!


I invite you to take this list and add things that bring YOU joy.

Call it your “JOY List”.

Make it part of your routine to carve out “Mommy Me Time” and do something that brings you joy.


This will work best when you actually block off time on your calendar and really commit to it.


Your Mind, Body and Soul will love you for it.


Have fun with this and enjoy your Mommy Me Time!


  1. Paint your nails
  2. Read your favorite magazine
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Sip fresh cup of coffee / tea on your porch
  5. Get a message
  6. Get a new haircut
  7. Take a Champaign bubble bath at your home
  8. Have lunch with a girlfriend
  9. Call your BFF.  (BFF is too far away?  – Schedule a time to chat on Skype over coffee) So fun!
  10. Go to the movies (No babysitters?  No problem.  Buy your popcorn from the movie theaters and rent a movie at home! 😉
  11. Have a tickle war with your kids
  12. Treat yourself to your favorite pastry
  13. Listen to your favorite CD
  14. Get a foot message
  15. Treat yourself to a new accessory
  16. Buy a new lipstick
  17. Read a book
  18. Purchase a new candle
  19. Go for a run
  20. Exercise
  21. Schedule girl time
  22. Eat lunch at the park
  23. Take a coffee break
  24. Go dancing
  25. Take a painting class
  26. Sign up for ballroom dance lessons
  27. Spend time with nature
  28. Go for a hike
  29. Enjoy a glass of wine
  30. Go to a concert
  31. Treat yourself to a luxurious body lotion that unwinds you
  32. Download a ringtone that makes you happy
  33. Sing-out-loud
  34. Meditate
  35. Get a facial
  36. Go to your favorite restaurant
  37. Watch your favorite TV show
  38. Get a mani-pedi
  39. Treat yourself to frozen yogurt
  40. Give yourself a home facial
  41. Purchase a Sexy lingerie (yeah baby!)
  42. Enjoy chocolate – Guilt free!
  43. Wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks!
  44. Burn your favorite scented candle – Even when you are just doing the dishes 😉
  45. Turn every shower into your sanctuary by putting on relaxing music, burning candles and using few drops of your favorite aroma therapy oil like lavender
  46. Go on a date night with your spouse
  47. Buy flowers and place them all around your home, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom
  48. Make gourmet coffee at home
  49. Sign up for a cooking class
  50. Enjoy an impromptu dance party in your living room
  51. Laugh every day!
  52. Treat yourself to Champaign brunch for fun
  53. Start your own garden to grow flowers, veggies and herbs (you’ll have endless supply of flowers to place around your home, not to mention save money on your grocery bill)
  54. Go to the beach
  55. Read a fashion magazine
  56. Go to lunch with your honey
  57. Work on a puzzle
  58. Do Yoga
  59. Take a family field trip
  60. Go to a fancy restaurant and just order desert!
  61. Go window shopping
  62. Take a nap
  63. Go for a swim
  64. Get crafty – browse through Pinterest and look for craft projects that inspire you
  65. Take a bike ride
  66. Try a new recipe
  67. Play miniature golf
  68. Listen to an audio book
  69. Go to a bookstore
  70. Write
  71. Color
  72. Paint
  73. Bake
  74. Pamper yourself
  75. Visit a day spa
  76. Go ice skating
  77. Start on scrapbooking
  78. Connect with other Moms in Mom Groups
  79. Write in a gratitude journal
  80. Buy a cook book


Now I’d love to hear from you.  What brings you joy?  What do you do for your Mommy Me Time?  Paint a picture for us below in the comments.


Remember, thousands of Mom’s come here each week looking for that golden nugget, inspiration and encouragement to make their Motherhood journey a bit smoother.  Your insight could be exactly what they need to hear right now that will make a difference.


Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below.
Thank you in advance for reading, commenting and sharing.  You help my mission to create “Sisterhood for Mommies” come to life!


Share the knowledge…Share the love…




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3 Responses to 80 Ways to Enjoy “Mommy Me Time”

  1. Learning to ride a horse would bring me joy. So would petting a cat or dog. Listening to music. Reading a novel. Eating chips and soda while watching a movie at home with my feet up. Writing in a journal. Writing poetry.

    • Hey Momina – horse back riding it so much fun! GREAT summer activity. If it’s something on your wish list, I would encourage you to look for trails near you that offer horseback riding and book a session for this spring/summer.

      You won’t regret it. You can even make it a fun date activity with your spouse….or book it for your wedding anniversary celebration <3 Go for it!!!

      Let me know how you like it 🙂

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