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What does “daily happiness” mean to you? 

Here is how you can find YOUR daily happiness!


Motherhood is truly a gift!

A gift that brings abundance of joy as we guide our precious kids through life while we build a life we call our own.


It’s not an easy job.  In fact, it’s one of the toughest job we will ever have.


When it comes to dealing with day to day chaos it can be so hard to remember to live in the moment and find daily happiness.


We simply get caught up in the web of chaos and drop in to survival mode.


Every phase of Motherhood comes with its own unique challenges and obstacles.  As our day to day demanding responsibilities grow, managing time becomes more and more challenging.


Let’s face it!  From day one, we get thrown in to it with no manual and no training.


It feels like overnight we are expected to develop habits that allows us to be experts in time management so we can be super moms managing the household, cooking, cleaning, managing our career, be the vixen in our relationship, make time for our health and fitness while somehow still have time left for our hobbies and desires.


As our kids get older our responsibilities as parents grow.  We require more time to help with homework, drive around town from one practice to another, find creative ways to prepare healthy meals that are quick, easy and nourishes their fast growing bodies and the list goes on and on.


We don’t scale back – we just do more.  As we continue to have more responsibilities we can start to compromise more and more.


Don’t get me wrong….  Life in general along with parenting is all about compromises.  It’s a necessity!


However, it’s critical that we maintain a healthy balance of compromise in all – the – right areas of our lives;  so that we are not compromising our own health and happiness.


Day after day as time becomes short in supply, it feels like one day we wake up to find that we lost ourselves in the process.

We realize we gave up our hobbies.  We neglected our health and fitness as we continue to hang on to the baby weight that makes us feel unsexy, and we simply lost energy to do anything.


My point is…we experience a lot of change all-at-once in a short period of time.


It’s critical that we understand the importance of nourishing ourselves as we nourish our families. Often times we forget to work on finding daily happiness.


We must make conscious effort finding daily happiness in everything we do so that we can find joy in it all – even doing the day to day chores!


When it comes to finding daily happiness, healthy balanced pleasure nurtures our growth.  This flow of desire is our creative energy, our passion for living.

If we deny or suppress our desires, we can become anxious, distant, depressed, emotionally uninvolved.


Here is a quick exercise that will help you find your daily happiness!


1.  List ways you might be denying or judging the natural flow of pleasure in your life and why?

Maybe Mother’s guilt is preventing you to take some time for yourself…

Maybe lack of time is preventing you to enjoy a hobby that brings you joy…

Maybe lack of money is holding you back in investing in yourself…

Maybe pregnancy weight is discouraging you to treat yourself to a new outfit…


On the other hand overindulgence in pleasure, whether it be sensory, food, drink etc., as a means of numbing or masking pain and fear, also leads to imbalance.


2.  Think of something you think you might be overindulging in, such as over eating or drinking or watching too much TV?

List 3 situations that can trigger you to have that behavior. Then, list a response to each of these to bring you back to balance.


3.  Now think about what calm happiness feels like in your body.

Do you laugh and smile more?

Are your muscles relaxed and your shoulders are down?

Do you feel relaxed?

How does your breathing sound?


Compare that to how the body feels when it’s is sad, anxious, stressed or worried. 

Write down your responses, note down your breathing pattern, ease and muscle tension.


4.  Now think of your day to day routine, ask yourself what can you change today to bring more happiness, joy and fun into your day to day tasks and responsibilities?

How can you make each experience an enjoyable one?  Even for something mundane like doing the dishes.

For me personally, I love to light up a candle while doing the dishes.  Smelling that beautiful candle in my kitchen brings me joy and make my dish washing experience a bit more enjoyable 😉


Find a way to do something every day that brings you JOY!  If you need help coming up some ideas, check out my previous blog on “80 Ways to Enjoy Mommy Me-Time”


Practice saying yes! to your happiness and desires!  Make a conscious decision to bring joy in your life with everything you do!


Hope this helped!


Now I’d love to hear from you.  How do you tap in to your daily happiness?  What do you do differently to make your day to day tasks more pleasurable?  Paint a picture for us below in the comments.


Remember, thousands of Mom’s come here each week looking for that golden nugget, inspiration and encouragement to make their Motherhood journey a bit smoother.  Your insight could be exactly what they need to hear right now that will make a difference.


Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below.


Thank you in advance for reading, commenting and sharing.  You help my mission to create “Sisterhood for Mommies” come to life!


Share the knowledge…Share the love…




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